Spaghetti Ice Cream a Big Hit

Spaghetti Ice Cream

Mama Mia that's a big plate of spaghetti - ice cream, that is!

June Dairy Month is kicking off in Wisconsin. Farm families can celebrate this year with old-world European flair. Family, friends and kids of all ages are guaranteed to get a big kick out of Spaghetti Ice Cream, because it's so unique (not to mention scrumptious).

Spaghetti Ice Cream is a twist (around a fork) of a traditional European dessert, served in many ice cream shops abroad. Your guests will eat it by the platter, and ask for seconds.

Now it's poised to burst on the scene here in the United States, thanks to entrepreneur and ice cream connoisseur Michael Coviello.

Originally from made from gelato (Italian-style gourmet ice cream), farm families can make their fun, look-alike dessert from good old-fashioned ice cream, strawberry sauce and grated white chocolate, grated almonds or even shredded coconut.

Gourmet-type ice creams - the richer the better - work best. The ice cream is extruded through a special spaghetti ice cream-maker available from The Spaghetti Ice Cream Co. of Fort Worth, Texas. The strawberry sauce substitutes for spaghetti sauce. The grated toppings resemble the cheese. Add a big ol' whole strawberry or two for "meatballs."

Coviello is founder and business manager of The Spaghetti Ice Cream Co. Seeing Spaghetti Ice Cream was "all the rage" in Europe, he saw a potential business opportunity in bringing it to the United States. Germany in particular is enamored with this dairy dessert masquerading as an Italian meal.

Spaghetti Ice Cream makers come in various styles and sizes, from those designed for home-use to "industrial." The machine designed for family use comes with three stainless steel inserts to make not only Spaghetti Ice Cream but also Lasagna Ice Cream and Asparagus Ice Cream.

That's right. There's also a dessert that looks exactly like a big plate of homemade lasagna. Use mint or pistachio ice cream to create Asparagus Ice Cream and sit back and revel in the surprised reactions of your guests.

Coviello says it makes a great gift for families, and this time of year, a wedding present. It's a great icebreaker for church events, ice cream socials, birthday parties and June Dairy Month breakfasts. Non-farm guests are sure to talk for months about these unusual ice cream sundaes. This is a great way to promote dairy. In fact, it'll be unforgettable. The basic Spaghetti Ice Cream maker with the three plates sells for making all three products is selling for $19.95.

If you want to try the original Italian gelato, Coviello provides this recipe for Better Than Vanilla Gelato, made in a home-ice-cream-maker. For one quart, you'll need: Five large egg yolks, three-fourths cup sugar, two cups whole milk, one cup half-and-half and two teaspoons vanilla extract.

Combine egg yolks and sugar in a mixing bowl. Beat at medium high speed until mixture is thick and pale yellow in color. Heat milk to a simmer. Add half of the milk to the egg yolk mixture and whisk until blended. Stir in the rest of the milk and cook over low heat, stirring constantly. Remove from heat - when the mixture coats the back of your spoon. Stir in the half-and-half. Pass mixture through a fine strainer into a bowl and set over an ice bath to chill. Stir in the vanilla extract. Freeze in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer's instructions.

Making Spaghetti Ice Cream is as easy as scooping your favorite gourmet or regular vanilla ice cream into the Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker, grasping the handle and squeezing out spaghetti strands onto a plate. Add the strawberry sauce and grated white chocolate or almonds (for the "cheese"). Optionally, you can add a dash of grated dark chocolate (for "pepper") and as an alternative to strawberry meatballs, go with a couple scoops of dark ice cream, like Rocky Road or chocolate for the meatballs.

"Spaghetti Ice Cream tastes creamier," Coviello tells Agri-View, noting that it's "fun to see it made."

"You use a fork to eat it - ice cream," he notes. "It's just silly fun."

Lasagna Ice Cream is pressed into ribbons. Then your artistic flair goes to work so that the dessert resembles lasagna. Asparagus Ice Cream is squirted in spears onto a plate. Set it off with peaches in beds of whipped cream; they look just like eggs served with asparagus spears. He notes there's also a plate for fettuccini; he's experimenting yet with a white liqueur sauce.

The next-step-up is a sturdier Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker especially suited to ice cream shops, large parties or catering events, fairs, mall kiosks, restaurants and dairy promotions, where high-volume production is required. It's also a great premium machine for home use, Coviello adds. It sells for $379. The Spaghetti Ice Cream Company website is   Farm families can see various styles and models, along with complete details on ordering. Or they can call 866-836-4968, or write: The Spaghetti Ice Cream Company, 5505 Shadydell Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76135.

While they're waiting for your Spaghetti Ice Cream maker to arrive, farm families can have some fun with other unique ice cream recipes provided on the company's website, like Pizza Ice Cream.

For a single serving, you'll need: One-half quart of fresh strawberries, sugar, vanilla ice cream, one kiwi, one banana, some red grapes, whipped cream and coconut flakes.

Take a handful of strawberries and put them in the blender. Add some sugar and blend. This strawberry sauce is the "tomato sauce." Slice up kiwi, some strawberries and a banana for the "pizza" toppings. You'll also need some red grapes to serve as "olives." Spread out the ice cream on a chilled plate. Make sure the ice cream is at least one-half-inch thick. Add the strawberry sauce, whipped cream and coconut flakes (your sauce and cheese) and decorate your pizza with the cut-up fruits. This one is a real kid-pleaser, too, especially fun for youngster's birthday parties, as they can each decorate their own pizza as part of the party fun.

Here's another one kids will like: Bucket of Worms Sundaes. Top vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and then whipped cream. Top that with crushed Oreos and strategically placed gummy-worm candies.

Coviello has a two-year-old son who's crazy about Spaghetti Ice Cream. Coviello hopes others will be, too. "It just fun," he concludes. "It adds a little silliness to life."