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July 8, 2004  For immediate release:

The Spaghetti Ice Cream Company® celebrates the completion of the production of its first television spot. The commercial is scheduled to be tested in San Diego prior to a national rollout.

The company, which manufactures and markets devices that make Spaghetti, Lasagna, Fettuccini and Asparagus Ice Cream, says consumer and commercial demand for its products has far exceeded its initial expectations. The idea for the companies' devices is borrowed from a popular and well-established concept that originated in Europe.

The young companies' innovative products work by taking regular ice cream, gelato or frozen custard and pressing them into their signature ice cream look-alikes. Their namesake dish, Spaghetti Ice Cream, for example, starts with vanilla ice cream. The user scoops a few of scoops of ice cream into their device and squeezes. The squeezing action causes the ice cream to be extruded (pressed) through the "Spaghetti" mold. As the ice cream runs through the mold, it is transformed into long, slender strands of ice cream that look surprisingly like the real thing. To further enhance the illusion, fresh strawberry sauce is added to simulate “Spaghetti Sauce”. The dish is then topped off with finely-ground almonds that look remarkably like “parmesan cheese”. Other accoutrements can include “meatballs”, made from malted balls, roughed up with a butter knife or grated dark chocolate that very much resembles pepper.

Michael Coviello, the companies’ business manager and founder, got the idea while visiting his wife‘s mother in Germany a few years ago. Coviello says, “In Germany, you can get Spaghetti Ice Cream [and the other dishes] in practically every small town, mall, shopping center, and street corner in Germany: it’s really a part of the culture”. The dishes, which have been popular for years, are a well-established staple at German Ice Cream shops (called Eiscafes) and in German culture. Coviello, impressed by the popularity of the dishes, and the uniqueness of the idea, wondered if there was business opportunity to be had in the United States.

The concept, which originated in Italy, is a favorite among adults and children alike in many European countries, but is especially popular in Germany, where it has risen to almost a cult status. Coviello adds: “In Germany you can get Spaghetti Ice Cream drizzled with all kinds sweet liquors, sauces, berries and nuts. These dishes, along with many other ice cream dishes are delicious and look almost like works of art and are really a site to see.

The company, until now, has done all of its marketing via the internet and by word of mouth, but has plans to widen its distribution using television, word of mouth, trade shows, and the print media.

The company is aggressively pursuing joint ventures to enhance growth. It is also in talks with several companies in an effort to bring their unique products to other countries, such as Canada, Australia, Singapore and South Africa. For more information, please contact the company at:

11-02  For immediate release:

Spaghetti Ice Cream...what will they think up next?

The Spaghetti Ice Cream Company® announces the launch of their new product, The Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker®

A company out of Fort Worth, Texas is selling a device to make what it hopes will be a new American tradition: Spaghetti Ice Cream. The device, based on a similar established machine from Europe, transforms a few scoops of ice cream into other food look-a-likes such as, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Asparagus and even fettuccini Ice Cream.

The founder of the company, Michael Coviello, says the device is very fun for kids and adults to use, and based on his development work to customize it for the US market, has found that it makes the ice cream taste even better. Perhaps it is a good time to revive The Spaghetti (Ice Cream) Western?