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The Classic Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker  Our famous Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker® comes with 3 stainless steel inserts to make:  Spaghetti Ice Cream™, Lasagna Ice Cream™ and Asparagus Ice Cream™.  Makes a great gift for families!  A great icebreaker for ice cream socials, birthday parties, church, and other events$22.95 + S/H
The Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker CV2The more rugged, commercial version of our famous Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker. It comes with 1 Spaghetti Insert.  Same great design as the classic Spaghetti Ice Cream maker, would be great in your gourmet kitchen. Stainless construction!  $349.00 + S/H

our Tips


The Classic Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker is a good basic tool to make Spaghetti Ice Cream with. It is affordable and makes a great addition to your other kitchen gadgets.


If you want a high quallety unit that fits your gourmet kitchen, you should consider our CV2 model. It is a rugged stainless steel version and also recomened for commercial use.