The Spaghetti Ice Cream Co. in the Media

The Spaghetti Ice Cream Co. and Spaghetti Ice Cream have been featured on TV, online, and in magazins and papers many times.

Click on the links below to view several videos and articles about our company and products. You will also find links on where you can find places that serve Spaghetti Ice Cream, testimonials and press releases.



Also featured on:

"The Morning Show, with Mike and Juliet" Various Fox affiliates, nationwide June 11th, 2007 ---------- Gulf Shore Business Tech, Gadgets section, December 2006 ---------- "The 9" Yahoo TV segment (look for Marinara Sundae, #3) 9-29-06 ---------- Kidsday Summer 2006 ---------- German Life June/July 2006 ---------- Akron Beacon Journal July 5th, 2006 ---------- The Magazine of Santa Clarita June 2003 edition
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