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What is Spaghetti Ice Cream? This is Spaghetti Ice Cream  
Click here to find out more about this really FUN gourmet ice
cream or gelato ice cream dessert. You and your kids will love it!!



Delivers a rich milk froth in just minutes.   Satin Chrome ABS.  12 months warranty.  Origin: Italy

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The Nemox Junior is the ideal coffee machine for a family, making espresso and cappuccino to the best caf standards. It features a painted steel body in light grey, plus ergonomic switches, a built-in pressure indicator, and it displays coffee dispensing pressure to be more adaptable to personal taste. Solid brass filter holder maintains the heat, ensuring the temperature for the espresso is correct for a steaming cup of coffee. Large steam capacity.
Dimensions: 210mm W x 260mm D x 320mm H
Weight 7.5 kg
Power 1000W
Water container 2L
Pump pressure 16 bar
Single and double filters
Measure/pressure spoon
Brass boiler
Stainless steel armored heating element
Appliance body steel
Color light grey metal
Warranty 1 year
Made in Italy 

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The NEMOX NAPOLETANA semi-automatic machine made by Nemox of Italy is equipped with a built-in pressure indicator that displays coffee dispensing pressure to make your coffee more suitable to your personal taste.  Features a brushed painted steel body, 16 bar pump pressure, stainless steel boiler, 1000 watt stainless steel heating element. The solid brass filter holder ensures that the temperature is piping hot.

Dimensions 325mm x 295mm x 395mm
Weight 10kg
Power 1200W
Water container 3.5L
Pump pressure 15 bar
Ergonomic switches
Built-in pressure indicator
Solid brass filter holder
Large steam capacity
Color: light grey metal finish
Warranty 1 year
Made in Italy

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This is a compact, professional quality stainless steel espresso machine has a built-in steel conical grinder. 16 bar pump, solenoid valve, and brass boiler, and easy froth system. Large professional filter-holder. Treat yourself and your friends to a real coffee bar espresso, at any time, in your own home. The compact Caff Dell'Opera is in stainless steel and has all the performance features for a real professional. The solid professional brass filter-holder retains excellent thermal stability which always guarantees an espresso at the ideal temperature. All internal pipes are in copper or brass, and the heating element has armored stainless steel (not seen in many machines in this price range).  The specially designed steam spout is equipped with a device for easy frothing of milk when making a cappuccino.  Ideal for homes and offices to serve espresso, cappuccino, tea, chocolate, herbal teas and hot drinks. The beautiful stainless steel body is an eye catch in any kitchen.

Powerful pump produces up to 15 bar (only 9 bar is needed for proper espresso extraction)
Water tank: 3.5 quarts
Coffee thermostat: 202 / 95 F / C
Steam Thermostat: 257 / 125 F / C
Safety thermofuse: 305 / 150 F / C
Safety valve by-pass to alleviate excess pump pressure due to too fine a grind in the grouphead
Coffee grinder with conical burrs for greater uniformity in grind fineness
Motor/Reduction: RPM 10200 / 800
The brass boiler provides the temperature stability for an exquisite espresso extraction
Accessories included: one chromium-plated brass filter holder, one single and one double filter, plastic coffee tamper, and instruction manual
Power: 150 watts 120 volts 60Hz
Measurements: 11 4/5" W x 10 1/5" D x 12 3/5" H
Product weight: 22 lbs
Warranty: One year parts and labor limited to manufacturer's defect
Made in Italy

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The small professional, Nemox Caffe Fenice, has been designed to satisfy those who expect perfection and professional standards. With gleaming stainless steel bodywork, a large brass boiler, and a 3-way solenoid valve, you can expect restaurant quality results. The professional solid brass filter-holder retains the heat, guaranteeing an espresso that is always at the ideal temperature. The specially designed professional-style 3-directional steam spout is equipped with a metal turbo-froth device for easy frothing of milk when making a cappuccino. It also dispenses hot water for your other favorite hot drinks.

Key Features:
Powerful 15 bar pump pressure
3-way solenoid valve to facilitate continuous use, just like the professional machines
Large capacity removable water tank 2 liter/68 oz
Three separate thermostats: coffee thermostat - 95C /202F, steam thermostat - 125C / 257F, and safety thermo-fuse - 150C / 305F
By-pass safety valve
Large brass boiler 200 ml - quickly heats water for coffee and steam, has a quick recovery time, and provides for powerful, continuous steam generation
Stainless steel armored heating element
All internal pipes are also brass
Elegant professional size and weight 57 mm chromium-plated brass filter holder
Separate control for hot water dispensing for tea, hot chocolate, or cup-of-soup
Professional style 3-directional swivel steam nozzle with removable metal turbo-frother and finger guard
Single and double filter baskets
On-board tamperer for quick operation and convenience
Measuring/pressure spoon
Large capacity drip tray with metal grate
Large cup warming area
Appliance body - stainless steel with chromed finish
Machine dimensions: 8.27 in (W) x 10.24 in (D) x 12.6 in (H)
Weight: 17lbs
Power: 1000W, 120V 60Hz
UL safety approved
Warranty 1 year
Made in Italy

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Another great performer from Nemox! The Lux conical burr professional espresso coffee grinder with stainless steel body features a doserless design so you can grind directly into your portafilter handle. The grinder is capable of the very fine grind needed to produce a quality espresso in a machine using either a pressurized or non-pressurized filter basket. A great companion for the Nemox Junior espresso machine.

The conical grinder burrs are made of hardened, tempered steel for longevity Unlike 'small' flat burrs found on grinders below $90 US$, the conical burrs allow coffee to be ground with greater precision and uniformity.  The powerful motor is equipped with a reduction system allowing the speed to be cut from 10,200 to 800 RPM - a low milling speed is very important since it ensures the coffee is not overheated, leading to a burnt flavor. The stainless steel body has a finish similar to those higher priced grinders Coffee container capacity: 6 ounces approximately.  Continuous grinding switch for low volume use (not for continuous use in an office or commercial setting).  Grinding push-button is provided so you can grind enough coffee for your filter basket.

Power: 120V 60Hz
Measurements: 3,74 x 7,09 x 11,81
Product weight: 3.9 lbs
Warranty: One year parts and labor limited to manufacturer's defect under household use only
Made in Italy

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The SPECIAL ESPRESSO EPS (Easy Pod System) makes espresso, cappuccino & tea using the convenient pod system. The machine which allows everybody to choose their favorite espresso taste. Only by means of the pod is it possible to obtain, one after the other : strong, sweet, decaffeinated flavored espresso, tea, relaxing, invigorating espresso herbal teas, fruit of the forest flavor

SPECIAL ESPRESSO EPS Guarantees the best result every time. Without effort, without waste, always hygienically, clean, quick. Order to guarantee professional results, the filter, filter holder and boiler distribution unit have been designed for professional use and can only be used with pods. The boiler is made of stainless steel, as is the 900 Watt heating element. The machine is capable of dispensing a cup of hot water at approximately 85C and dry steam in order to obtain an excellent cappuccino. The professional-type pump reaches a pressure of 16 BAR

Product Specifications
Appliance body: ABS
Pump: 16 bar
Transparent water tank - quart: 1.25
Coffee thermostat- F / C: 202 / 95
Steam Thermostat - F / C: 257 / 125
Safety thermofuse - F / C: 305 / 152
Safety valve: by-pass
Special filter holder for pods: yes
Stainless steel boiler: yes
Stainless steel armored heating element: yes
Polished aluminum filter holder: diam. 60 mm
Instructions book: yes
Product weight: 9 Lbs.
Colors available: Black & Chrome Satin
Made in Italy

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Two brewing groups with brass stands. Hot water solenoid valve. Separate brass thermoblock for steam. Stainless steel case.  Duo Pro ME 500 - Large volume Professional Semiautomatic machine with 2 separate boilers, hot water
dispenser, and automatic frothing system. Large 10 quarts water tank. Large cup warmer. Can be converted to ground coffee use. Low water shut-off system. Heavy duty stainless steel construction. 2500W. Origin: Italy


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