Pizza Ice Cream Recipe

For 1 serving you will need:

1/2 qt of fresh strawberries

 Sugar to taste

 vanilla ice cream

1 kiwi

 1 banana

 Some red grapes

 whipped cream

 coconut flakes

Take a handful of strawberries and put them in a blender, add some sugar and blend (this strawberry sauce will be your tomato sauce). Slice up kiwi, some strawberries, and a banana  they will be your toppings. You will also need some red grapes they will be your olives. Spread out your favorite light colored ice cream, for example:  vanilla (or maybe banana) on a chilled plate. Make sure the ice cream is spread out at least 1/2 inch thick. Add some whipped cream and coconut flakes as your cheese. Now you can decorate with the strawberry sauce and then the cut up fruits. Voile, there you have it, a Pizza ice cream!!! bon appetite !!!